5 takeaways from Haley and DeSantis in dueling televised town halls

1. Immigration: Gov. DeSantis emphasized his support for a secure border, while Rep. Haley touted her work on passing legal immigration reforms in Congress.

2. Health Care: Rep. Haley argued for competitive private health care options, while Gov. DeSantis advocated for prioritizing affordable health care for all.

3. Economy: Both agreed to make sure Florida remains open and supportive of businesses. Rep. Haley highlighted her work on cutting tariffs, while Governor DeSantis focused on his work to lift regulations on businesses to encourage economic growth.

4. Education: Both also discussed education reform and expanding access to quality education in Florida.

5. Environment: Governor DeSantis championed the work his administration has done to protect Florida waters and reduce pollutants, while Rep. Haley focused on her support for a “green new deal” to protect the environment.