Blackburn demands Durbin subpoena unredacted Epstein flight logs as Senate Judiciary Committee’s ‘first act’

U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., is calling on the Senate Judiciary Committee to subpoena the unredacted flight logs of Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet as its “first act.” Blackburn made the call during an oversight hearing of the Department of Justice on Wednesday.

Blackburn said that the unredacted flight logs of Epstein’s private jet may contain important information regarding Epstein’s activities and any individuals who are associated with them. She added that the public deserves transparency on what occurred.

Blackburn urged the committee to use its statutory power to acquire the records. She asked if the DOJ would undertake efforts to gather the flight logs to give the Judiciary committee the information it needs to probe the Epstein case.

The Department of Justice’s assistant attorney general, Stephen Boyd, responded positively to Blackburn’s request. He assured her that the Department would make the flight logs available to the Judiciary committee and would work quickly to fulfill her request.