Supreme Court chief justice report urges caution on use of AI ahead of contentious election year

The Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, John Roberts, has released a report cautioning the nation on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies for the upcoming election year. In the report, Roberts noted that AI could be used to manipulate the vote or cause other disruptions to the electoral process.

Roberts went on to state that the potential for harm associated with the use of AI in elections, especially at a time when public confidence in the electoral process is already low due to allegations of foreign interference, was too great to ignore. He recommended that all states work to develop technologies which can help ensure the integrity of the elections as well as examine the use of AI to prevent any interference.

The release of the report comes as the US gears up for a highly contentious election year in 2020, with a possible ‘tech war’ looming on the horizon. With the increase in sophisticated cyber-attacks, many fear that AI could be used to interfere with voting systems or manipulate the outcome of the general election. The US intelligence community has already warned of interference from external actors in the upcoming elections.

The report also suggested that the federal government should consider providing additional resources to state and local governments to help them protect and secure the elections from any type of interference, including AI interference. In addition, Roberts proposed better coordination of federal, state, and local efforts to monitor and detect any threats stemming from the use of AI.

Overall, Roberts urges caution for the upcoming 2020 elections, in order to protect the integrity of the voting process against any attempts of manipulation or interference.