Family, freedom and unity: House lawmakers reveal their 2024 New Year’s resolutions

1. Pass commonsense, bipartisan legislation to help grow the economy, reduce poverty, and create jobs for all Americans.

2. Rein in the national debt and address the underlying drivers of deficit spending.

3. Create more pathways to voting to ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

4. Promote transparency and accountability in government by increasing public access to information and minimizing the influence of wealthy special interests.

5. Strengthen anti-corruption laws and campaign finance reform in order to restore faith in the political system.

6. Expand access to quality healthcare for all Americans, especially vulnerable populations.

7. Tackle systemic racism and make significant investments to enable equal opportunity across all sectors.

8. Pass legislation to protect our environment and promote sustainability initiatives.

9. Invest in our infrastructure to ensure the long-term viability of the country.

10. In partnership with the states, reform our criminal justice system to improve outcomes and reduce prison populations.