Biden’s foreign policy challenges in 2023: China, Russia and war in the Middle East

1. China: As the world’s second largest economy, China has become an increasingly powerful geopolitical player, wielding influence in the developing world through its Belt and Road Initiative. Biden must work to encourage continued stability in US-China relations, avoiding exacerbating trade tensions and military threats that have strained the relationship between the two countries in recent years.

2. Russia: Relations between the United States and Russia have grown increasingly tense in recent years, with ongoing disputes over territorial issues in eastern Europe and meddling in various elections around the world. Biden must navigate these diplomatic and security challenges, while seeking to reduce the risk of military conflict.

3. War in the Middle East: The situation in the Middle East is a complicated and volatile one. Biden must ensure that the United States is able to support its allies without intervening in local disputes or exacerbating the region’s volatility. He must also work to contain and avoid the risk of further large-scale conflict between regional powers.