Gaston Glock, creator of handgun that flooded the world, dies at 94

Gaston Glock, the Austrian businessman best known for creating the popular Glock handgun, died on Thursday at the age of 94.

Glock founded his eponymous firearms company in 1981 and revolutionized the handgun market with the release of the Glock 17 pistol in 1982. Built on the same principles as his previous plastics business, the Glock featured revolutionary technology in its lightweight design, durability, and modularity.

The Glock 17 quickly became one of the most popular handguns in the world, allowing police departments and civilians to own and operate a reliable and serviceable handgun. The Glock 17 is ubiquitous in law enforcement and military groups around the world, and its models are also popular among civilian shooters.

Gaston Glock was born in Vienna in 1929. His family initially ran a successful textile business, but in the 1960s, he shifted his focus to injection-molding of plastics when he founded his own business. It was this injection-molding technology that he applied to the design of the Glock pistol, using techniques and materials not previously applied to firearm design.

Glock’s business and success with the Glock 17 made him an international celebrity, and the company continues to have a presence in the chemical, automotive, and machinery industries, in addition to firearms.

The company is now run by his son Gaston Glock Junior. Gaston Glock passed away peacefully in his home in Vienna.