Chris Christie pushes back on calls to drop out of the race, takes aim at Trump in first major ad blitz

Chris Christie is pushing back against calls for him to drop out of the race and is launching his first major ad blitz aimed at taking aim at Donald Trump.

The Christie campaign is rolling out a series of ads across Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina that focus on his record as governor of New Jersey and his plans for the future. In one ad, Christie takes direct aim at Trump, noting that “the loudest voices — sometimes — aren’t the ones that will be the best.” He goes on to critique Trump’s “unspecific plans” and “brash tone,” arguing that it’s important to “have the experience to do it right.”

The ads come after Christie has plummeted in the polls, with recent surveys indicating he is languishing at the bottom of the Republican field. The Christie camp argues that the ads will serve to help reignite his campaign and draw attention to his policy proposals and record.

At the same time, Christie has taken the unusual step of publicly rebuking calls from some Republicans that he should drop out of the race. He has noted that voters should decide the race, not party leaders, and that participating in the campaign process will allow his vision for the country to be heard.

Christie has vowed to fight all the way to the convention if need be, and his recent ad blitz is likely intended to help give his campaign a much-needed boost as it heads into the crucial early voting states.