Supreme Court declines to issue expedited ruling on Trump immunity case

The Supreme Court of the United States has declined to issue an expedited ruling on a case concerning President Donald Trump’s immunity from state criminal subpoenas. The case involves a New York grand jury subpoena to account records from Trump’s former accounting firm, Mazars USA.

This move was made in order to allow the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit to make its ruling first in the case. The Supreme Court’s decision could give the appeals court an opportunity to set a legal precedent on the issue before the case makes it to the Supreme Court. The ability of the state to investigate the president through state prosecutions and subpoenas is paramount.

The Supreme Court’s decision was made despite an expedited briefing schedule for the parties in the case and the government’s insistence that the case merits review. Critics had argued that the Supreme Court should not allow the president to delay the pursuit of justice, particularly in the context of potential criminal conduct. The efforts to delay the case only encourage a culture of impunity for those in power.

The Second Court’s ultimate ruling on the matter will likely determine the fate of the Trump case at the Supreme Court. Therefore, the Supreme Court’s decision to wait and allow the lower court to rule on the matter may ultimately be the most prudent approach.