MrBeast’s food delivery service partner denies ‘disparaging’ allegations in new legal filing

MrBeast’s food delivery service partner DoorDash on Monday denied “disparaging” allegations in a new legal filing by the founder of COVID-19 relief charity Feed the People LA, who claimed the on-demand company was profiting off its relationship with the popular YouTuber.

In his complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California in February 2021, Feed the People LA founder Jonathan Root alleged that DoorDash “purports to give back a portion of MrBeast’s sales to his charity” but “refused to furnish any information or accounting regarding the alleged giving-back of said funds.”

In its response Monday ― filed by DoorDash counsel Joseph Haffner of Wilson Elser Moses & McKinley LLP ― the company denies the allegations in Root’s complaint and claims that Root lacks standing to bring the suit against them.

“DoorDash has never profited from its relationship with MrBeast, nor has DoorDash ever caused any harm or damage to Root or his charity,” DoorDash’s filing states.

The filing maintains that DoorDash is merely a platform for MrBeast’s products and has “no control or input” as to what percentage of proceeds he donates to Feed the People LA. The company has also stated that it is currently unaware of any donations being made by MrBeast to Feed the People LA.

The legal dispute follows an ongoing controversy surrounding the activity of MrBeast’s charity. Feed the People LA has come under scrutiny after reports emerged that Root, the charity’s founder and CEO, had misused large amounts of donations. Root has denied those allegations.