Defamed Georgia poll workers who won $148M from Giuliani sue him again

Poll workers in Georgia have filed a second lawsuit against former President Donald Trump’s former lawyer and ally, Rudy Giuliani.

The poll workers, Tech Data Service Employees, Inc. and its employee Jessica Fulton, are alleging defamation after Giuliani made a number of claims about them during the 2020 election. The group is seeking $275 million in damages, citing Giuliani’s role in damaging the poll workers’ reputations and livelihoods.

Giuliani alleged Fulton was part of a vast conspiracy to commit fraud and suggested she was part of the antifa movement, among other claims. He eventually retracted these claims, but the poll workers say damage had already been done.

The lawsuit comes after the group won a $148 million defamation and malicious prosecution settlement from Giuliani earlier this month. That case related to the 2018 midterm elections in which Giuliani was hired by Republicans to discredit the election’s results.