Young generation of anti-Hamas activists in Gaza step up to serve but are snubbed by UN, aid groups

The young generation of anti-Hamas activists in Gaza are facing a difficult circumstance as their calls to serve are often ignored by the United Nations (UN) and international aid groups. They lack access to international NGO funding and struggle for recognition from the Palestinian authorities, placing their efforts at a disadvantage when compared to other activists in the region.

Many of these anti-Hamas activists are former residents of Gaza who have left their homes and relocated in the West Bank, Europe, or the United States due to safety concerns and a lack of prospects in Gaza. While they have severed ties with Hamas, they continue to live in exile out of fear for their security.

The activists strive to provide assistance to those in need in Gaza through speaking engagements and online campaigns that draw attention to the dire economic situation. Their efforts have ranged from setting up charity drives for food and supplies, to helping raise awareness about the plight of Gaza’s citizens.

Despite their activism, these youth are often snubbed by international organizations and UN-funded aid groups. Many international NGOs are cautious of working with anti-Hamas activists for fear of probing too deeply into the conflict, for fear of being pegged as biased, or for fear of running afoul of Palestinian Authority protocol. The result is a void for much needed aid in the area.

In the absence of tangible support and wider recognition, these youth continue to stay the course of their mission to provide aid, support, and hope to the people of Gaza.