Senate, House combine bipartisan efforts to advance paid leave

In a recent show of bipartisan cooperation, both the Senate and the House have joined together to advance Congressional efforts on paid leave. The House passed the “Paid Leave Act” in December to provide 12 weeks of paid leave for American workers. The Senate followed suit earlier this week and approved an identical measure. The exact details of how the program will be funded is yet to be determined, but both chambers are optimistic that a compromise will be reached.

If the legislation passes, it would become the most expansive paid leave policy in U.S. history. The 12 week leave would be available to all Americans regardless of employment status please. The leave would be paid for out of a special fund that would be provided for by employers. During the leave, employees would receive up to 66 percent of their normal wages.

The bill has received support from both sides of the aisle, with Republican Senator Mitt Romney praising the legislation as “a model of bipartisanship that will make a difference in the lives of millions of Americans.” The bill is also supported by Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who says that “paid leave is critical to enabling working families and our economy to thrive.”

Given the broad support for the legislation, it is likely to pass and become law in the near future. If it does, it will mark a significant victory for American families looking for paid leave.