Biden must step in to stop massive tariff hike on US liquor: lawmakers

Lawmakers in the United States have called on Vice President Joe Biden to intercede in an ongoing dispute between the United States and Mexico over tariffs on American liquor imports. In late March, Mexico implemented a punitive 20% tariff on American whisky, bourbon, and vodka in response to the US government’s tariffs on Mexican steel and aluminum.

The tariff on American spirits had an immediate and devastating impact on the US liquor industry, particularly bourbon producers, who have experienced a 70–80% drop in exports. Realizing the potential for job losses and other economic consequences, US Senators and Representatives have called on Vice President Biden to intervene and help resolve the dispute.

In a letter to Biden, US Representatives Tom Reed and Jackie Walorski, along with Senators Bob Menendez and Rob Portman, urged the vice president to use all diplomatic and economic channels to negotiate a solution with Mexico. They argued that the tariff had posed a great threat to American businesses and jobs.

It remains to be seen if Biden will intervene in this dispute or if Mexico will stand its ground.