Name-calling, personal jabs round out top 5 moments from the fiery Republican presidential debate in Alabama

1. Ted Cruz Calls Donald Trump “The Washington Dealmaker”: Cruz took shots at Trump for his actions as a “businessman” when it comes to politics. He argued that Trump has been too cozy with Democrats and effectively accused him of flip-flopping on issues.

2. Marco Rubio’s “Spray Tan” Jab: Rubio was quick to respond to a jab from Trump about his performance during Saturday’s debate with a slight dig about Trump’s signature tan.

3. Ben Carson Asserts His Right to be Heard: When the moderators attempted to cut Carson off during a discussion, he refused and managed to continue talking. He claimed that he was not given an equal amount of speaking time as the other candidates.

4. Trump and Cruz Spar over Immigration Reform: Trump and Cruz got into a heated exchange after Cruz attempted to link Trump’s views on immigration to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

5. Jeb Bush Challenges Trump on His Alignment With the Republican Party: Bush called Trump out on his supposed “independent streak”. He went on to question Trump’s commitment to the Republican party and his loyalty to conservative principles.