FBI says interviews of priest, choir director were part of investigation of ‘an individual,’ not Catholics

The FBI has said that their interviews of a priest and a choir director earlier this week were part of an investigation of “an individual,” and not an investigation of the Catholic Church or any other religious group.

The FBI said in a statement that they “are executing court authorized law enforcement activity in the Los Angeles area pertaining to an investigation of an individual,” but declined to provide any additional information.

The Bureau also said that no arrests were made and that they had no comment on the religious affiliation of those interviewed.

The interviews at the Our Lady of the Angels parish and its school had sparked speculation of a possible investigation into its religious practices.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the interviews, which were conducted at both locations, were part of an “administrative review” of the parish, with the FBI seeking information about the parish’s finances.

The FBI’s statement came a day after the Archdiocese of Los Angeles issued its own statement expressing “concern and apprehension” about the interviews.

The statement said that the Archdiocese had no knowledge of any investigation and that the FBI had “graciously offered” to discuss the matter with them in order to “ensure that parishioners of Our Lady of the Angels parish would not be subject to any inappropriate inquiry.”