Trump attempts to spin anti-democracy, authoritarian criticism against Biden

Donald Trump has attempted to spin criticism of his anti-democratic, authoritarian behavior against Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden by accusing Biden of being “weak, soft, timid and compliant.” Trump claims that Biden will be a “puppet” of the liberal agenda and will stay silent when dictators sneak into the White House. This strategy is an attempt to paint Biden as being a puppet of the “deep state” and to suggest that he will not challenge foreign threats to American democracy.

Trump has also claimed that Biden will be too pliable toward China and Iran, and will not stand up for America’s interests abroad. He has accused Biden of allowing China to “cheat” on the trade deal between the US and China. Trump has sought to portray Biden as being unwilling to protect the economic interests of regular Americans and as being too willing to bow down to foreign powers.

Ultimately, Trump is trying to cast doubt on Biden’s commitment to democracy and to American values. He seeks to portray Biden as a weak leader who will not stand up for American interests, and therefore, will not be able to prevent foreign powers from undermining democracy.