Hard-right backtrack on spending levels leaves sour taste for colleagues

The hard-right backtrack on spending levels seen recently has left many of the party’s colleagues with a sour taste in their mouths. After rallying around an initial plan to increase spending and investment, those same colleagues are now being asked to support severe cuts to vital services. This reversal has had a particularly harsh effect on members of the left wing and centrist factions of the party.

In addition to causing tension among members of the party, this shift has led to outside observers questioning the party’s cohesion and ability to come to an agreement on policy matters. Many are also concerned that this sort of conflict could prevent the party from delivering on its campaign promises.

Ultimately, this hard-right backtrack on spending levels has been a rude awakening for many of the party’s members. Those opposed to the new budget have voiced their displeasure and remain worried about the long-term consequences of forcing drastic cuts without much debate. While it remains to be seen what the exact outcome of this situation will be, it has already put a splinter in the party’s unity.