Diageo cites Diddy rape claims in renewed push to keep him out of tequila ads

In response to the new allegations that have been raised against Sean Combs, also known as “Diddy,” Diageo is pushing hard to make sure he doesn’t appear in any of its tequila advertisements.

Diageo first attempted to block Diddy from appearing in the tequila adverts in 2019, after being made aware that he had been accused of rape in 2003, and paid out a settlement in a civil case related to the allegations. They have now renewed this stance after the resurfaced allegations.

In a statement made by a Diageo spokesperson to The Guardian, they said, “Diageo has a zero-tolerance policy to any sort of unwanted sexual advances and does not condone or tolerate any conduct of such nature. We take our responsibilities as a corporate citizen seriously and have been committed to creating and sustaining a culture where our employees feel safe, respected and valued.

Diageo has no current plans to feature Combs, or any artist accused of sexual misconduct, in any of our advertising or marketing materials. We are committed to living our values and will continue to stand by our pledge to end violence against women and girls.”

The spokesperson did not comment on the allegations against Combs, but did state that Diageo will continue to be “mindful and sensitive” in its advertising.

These allegations come at a time when the entertainment industry is facing heightened scrutiny regarding its treatment of women and the handling of sexual misconduct accusations. Diageo’s stance on this issue indicates that they are not only taking the allegations against Combs seriously, but also the wider issue of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry.