Top Ivy League school hosts Chinese official who has repeatedly praised CCP: ‘Fruitful discussions’

Harvard University recently hosted a senior Chinese official and diplomat who has repeatedly praised the Chinese Communist Party. The visit was reported to have been ‘fruitful’ with high-level discussions on a variety of topics.

Yang Jiechi, A politician of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and a member of the Politburo, visited Harvard University in December 2019 as part of his official trip to the United States. During his visit, he met with faculty and students in the Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Law School.

The visit at Harvard was the first time Mr. Yang, who serves as a Director of the CCP’s Central Foreign Affairs Commission, had visited any U.S. university. At Harvard, he discussed current issues in China-United States relations, expressed his concerns over the trade war, and praised the Chinese Communist Party’s achievements.

The visit was reported to have been ‘fruitful’ and garnered a positive response from both sides. Despite some criticism from faculty and students over his praise of the CCP, several faculty members remarked on the quality and depth of the conversations.