Warner Bros. drops price of Max subscription with ads as streaming fight rages on

In an ongoing effort to compete with streaming giants like Netflix and Disney+, Warner Bros. has dropped the price of its Max ad-supported subscription service to $10 a month. The move is part of the company’s larger strategy to capture market share in the rapidly increasing streaming wars.

The subscription fee will remain at the $15 a month for the no-ad version, but users now have the option of saving money if they don’t mind commercials interrupting their entertainment.

The drop in price follows the company’s launch of a discount bundle that paired Max with HBO and Cinemax for only $25 a month. This was seen as an attempt to appeal to users who may want more premium content than what Max currently offers.

The competition in streaming is quickly heating up. In addition to Netflix and Disney+, AT&T’s HBO Max also recently launched its own low-price ad-supported tier. So it’s clear that the pricing wars among these services is only just beginning.

By pricing its own subscription service at merely $10 a month, Warner Bros. is hoping to remain in the streaming game and attract more viewers. The company has invested heavily in its streaming business with the launch of over 40 original series and movies for Max is 2020 alone. It looks like the company is willing to price itself competitively in order to capitalize on these investments.