Bitcoin and Trading Obsession Take Center Stage in ‘Bull Run’ Crypto Documentary

The new documentary “Bull Run” takes a deep dive into the world of cryptocurrency trading, taking viewers inside the oft-misunderstood world of bitcoin, blockchain and beyond.

The film follows 4 different traders in 4 different cities – each of whom discovered the world of crypto trading and found it to be an obsession. From media producer / trader Amanda B. Johnson in Los Angeles to cryptocurrency professor Scott A. Conklin in New York, viewers will get a glimpse into the lives and strategies of professional traders.

The backdrop of “Bull Run” is the tumultuous 2017 bull run, which saw the price of Bitcoin skyrocket from its $1,000 starting point to a peak of nearly $20,000 in December of that year. It was a wild ride, to say the least, and the interviews and chats with these traders lend an interesting perspective on the story of that year’s market.

The documentary isn’t just about the pursuit of profits; the team also highlights a few people who used cryptocurrency to bring much-needed financial services to those without traditional banking options, including a man in Sudan who used Bitcoin to pay for an operation to save his daughter’s life.

“Bull Run” brings to life a world that is often overlooked, yet is so important for investors and the future of finance alike. Whether your interest lies in trading or better understanding the revolutionary technology that underpins cryptocurrency, this documentary is sure to enthral and educate.