Biden to celebrate 81st birthday by honoring White House Thanksgiving tradition

Vice President Joe Biden will celebrate his 81st birthday by honoring the longstanding White House tradition of hosting a National Thanksgiving dinner.

Biden, who will turn 81 on November 20th, is expected to invite hundreds of guests to the dinner, which will be held at the White House’s State Dining Room. The dinner will feature a traditional Thanksgiving meal of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.

Biden, the first Vice President to turn 81 while in office, is also expected to spend the evening playing some of his favorite board games and hosting some of his favorite musicians for a night of singing and dancing.

The Vice President has a history of hosting holiday festivities for his family and friends. Last year, he hosted an Irish-themed St. Patrick’s Day celebration at the Vice President’s residence.

Biden has said that part of the joy of the holiday season is inviting people to his home to share the holidays with him. He has also spoken of his gratitude for the years of joy and celebrations he has been able to share with his family and many close friends.