505 of 700 OpenAI Employees Demand Board Resign Following Sam Altman Firing, Threaten to Walk


In the wake of the recent firing of Sam Altman from OpenAI, over 500 of the 700 employees at the artificial intelligence research lab have signed a petition demanding the immediate removal of the board members responsible for the decision.

The petition, which was signed by 537 OpenAI employees, accuses the board of failing to provide a transparent and open process before firing Altman. It also criticizes the board for not taking into account the impact of its decision on OpenAI’s employees.

The petition also alleged that the board didn’t take into consideration the opinion of the staff or the public prior to making its decision and that it moved quickly to “disempower” Altman and “secure its own control.”

In addition to the petition, the employees have threatened to organize a walkout and resign en masse if the board fails to act on their demands. The employees also plan to publicly release a full report on how OpenAI is managed.