Pompeo slams Biden admin officials who signed dissent letter on Israel-Hamas: ‘Moral compass is broken’

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo harshly criticized a group of State Department officials who signed a dissent letter that criticized the Biden administration’s stance on the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Pompeo called the officials’ move “whoppers” and said their “moral compass is broken”. He also called out the signatories for treating American allies differently than American adversaries.

“@StateDept career officials have signed off on numerous policies and actions with which I disagreed,” Pompeo tweeted. “But to have Career officials actively work to undermine the foreign policy of an Administration they are duty-bound to serve is inexcusable.”

Pompeo continued, saying, “By signing on to this letter, these individuals have chosen publicly to side with Hamas and terrorist sympathizers around the world rather than the American people and the cause of freedom.”

The dissent letter was signed by over 1,000 senior, mid-level, and recently resigned Foreign Service and civil service officers. It expressed a lack of confidence in the Biden administration’s approach to the conflict in the Middle East, and called for a more aggressive stance against Israeli actions in the region.