Everyday I Get Better

I didn’t expect it to be such an emotional and spiritual journey.

I’ve been a professional musician for over 30 years. Music has been a passion all my life yet I’ve never truly dedicated myself to studying the music theory and mechanical skills until recently. It has been a huge wake up call for me to face up to all the things I had been missing out on and to make it a huge priority in learning it. I have to admit that I was very intimidated by the whole process.

Yes, I had studied the piano a bit in my younger years and yes, I could read music but I hadn’t kept up with studying it, so I was rusty. It’s quite embarrassing to admit, but I felt I had gaps in my knowledge that I needed to fill in.

I enrolled for piano lessons and didn’t quite know what to expect. It was a Ride! Everyday I get better, day after day. I started to practice diligently and much more frequently and saw the improvements in my playing.

When I got to the point where the notes were making sense I let myself actually start to enjoy the music. When the keys seemed like an extension of my fingers I knew something good was happening.

So, I kept up my daily practice regime, slowly increasing the number of scales, and noticing the progress I made. I started to see the notes in all their variations and learn the music theory in the process.

I even allowed myself to “have fun” when I was playing the music! This was a very important shift for me to make in order to keep motivated.

To my amazement, I got to the point where I could play pieces that I had written and the music started to make sense. Notes were placing each other in harmony and the pieces started to take shape. I even started to enjoy playing the music now and could focus on the artistry and expression.

I went from struggling to finish scales to creating meaningful pieces of music that I was proud of.

It was an amazing journey, and I’m so thankful I decided to dedicate myself to getting better at playing the piano. Everyday I get better, and I’m determined to keep growing.

Who knows where this will take me next, but I’m excited to find out.