Chinese Hackers Turn to Skype Video App In Latest Scam Targeting Crypto Users: SlowMist

Chinese hackers have begun targeting crypto users through a new scam that involves linking their Skype account with a specially crafted code. The malicious code then allows the hackers to gain access to the user’s Skype account and steal their cryptocurrency. According to cyber security firm SlowMist, the hackers are using the Skype messaging app as a way to phish for personal information, including passwords and passwords for cryptocurrency wallets. The hackers then use this information to access the wallets, transferring funds to their own accounts. SlowMist warns that the hackers are using various tactics to phish for information, including sending out malicious Skype messages with links to malicious websites, and requests for personal information. To help users protect themselves from the scam, SlowMist recommends that users properly secure their Skype accounts, avoid clicking on suspicious links or attachments, and enable two-factor authentication.