Head of online campaign to identify antisemitism says doctors, dentists openly ‘spew hate’

The head of an online campaign to identify and tackle antisemitism says doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals in Britain are openly “spewing hate”.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) launched its #WeRemember campaign last week, which calls for action to remember those affected by the Holocaust and fight against ongoing antisemitism.

The organisation’s CEO, Gideon Falter, said that healthcare professionals have been “triggering unpleasant memories” for members of the Jewish community, saying that antisemitism is a ‘disease’.

“From doctors to dentists, healthcare professionals have been spewing hate. It is a dangerous trend that we will not stand for,” he said.

“The CAA is calling on healthcare professionals in Britain to take action to ensure they are addressing antisemitism in their practice, to refuse to hire anyone who openly expresses an antisemitic view, and to take pains to do everything possible to make a safe environment for all patients, regardless of their beliefs.”

“We are asking healthcare professionals across the country to publicly stand with us and join our campaign to ensure that antisemitism will not be tolerated in our health services.”

The CAA is urging people to contact their local MP or healthcare provider to express their concern about antisemitism and suggest ways to counteract it. In addition, it is recommended that people report any incidents of antisemitism they come across on social media to the relevant authorities.