DeSantis campaign slams Newsom’s ‘blueprint for failure,’ explains why their debate will be ‘biggest one yet’

The Ron DeSantis campaign has slammed California Governor Gavin Newsom’s “blueprint for failure” and is poised to take on the governor in a debate – what promises to be “the biggest debate on U.S. history yet.”

In a statement released Wednesday, the DeSantis campaign pointed to the governor’s failure to contain the coronavirus pandemic, allowed the homelessness crisis to spiral out of control, and proposed new taxes that helped “balloon” California’s budget deficit.

The DeSantis campaign accused Newsom of implementing “failed policies that killed jobs, grew government, and put Californians’ freedoms at risk.”

The campaign said the upcoming debate would “present a stark contrast between clear blue water policies of Governor DeSantis and a record of failed leadership and broken promises from Governor Newsom.”

The DeSantis campaign argued that the upcoming debate “will be the biggest one yet on U.S. history, focusing on issues that are of tremendous importance to states across the country and their citizens.” This debate is expected to take place on September 29 in California.