Support for Biden crumbling as unfavorable poll numbers continue to roll in

Recent polls indicate that support for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is starting to decline. A Quinnipiac University poll from August 5th found that Biden’s favorability rating dropped to its lowest point since April. The poll also found that more Americans see Biden unfavorably than favorably, with 39 percent holding an unfavorable view compared to 35 percent viewing him favorably.

Additionally, an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll from August 2nd found that Biden was only leading President Trump by two percentage points, 44 percent to 42 percent. This is a significant drop from earlier polls that had Biden leading by double digits.

The decline in Biden’s polling numbers comes as President Trump’s popularity continues to be on the rise. Although his approval ratings have fluctuated since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, they rose to a record-high of 49 percent in late June, according to a Gallup poll.

Biden’s campaign has blamed the recent unfavorable poll numbers on the Trump administration’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, saying the president’s “disastrous” handling of the crisis has resulted in an erosion of public confidence in Joe Biden.

It remains to be seen whether Biden will be able to reverse the trend of his declining poll numbers in the coming weeks. With the 2020 presidential election less than three months away, time is beginning to run out for the former Vice President to make his case to the American people.