Ilhan Omar criticizes US policy toward Israeli PM Netanyahu: ‘Doesn’t add up’

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has criticized US policy towards Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, suggesting that it “doesn’t add up.”

In an interview with The Intercept, Omar said that US policy towards Israel is “built on this foundation of just complete disregard for what is happening with Palestinians. It doesn’t add up for why we would be working so hard to ensure that [Netanyahu] can stay in power and get reelected.”

She emphasized the need to change US policy in Israel-Palestine by advancing human rights for Palestinians, making it clear that this should be done independently of any foreign government’s interests.

Omar continued, “There’s been so much investment in this Netanyahu government, in him as a political figure…It’s really concerning, and we have to be asking the questions of why there is this investment in a right-wing government in Israel.”