The strengths and weaknesses of legal attempts to disqualify Trump


1. Legally disqualifying a president can limit the power of any individual or group to manipulate the government or disrupt the public order.

2. Legal limits on presidential authority can discourage abuses of power, protect against executive overreach, and limit any risk to the nation’s system of checks and balances.

3. By preventing a president’s eligibility from continuing, it allows for a smooth transition period to a new president who will be under equal legal scrutiny and able to serve in a more equitable manner.


1. Legal attempts to disqualify a president can be lengthy and arduous, which can leave the nation in a state of political limbo during the period of time it takes to complete the legal proceedings.

2. It can be difficult to prove a president ineligible for the office given the legal complexities that come with it; further complicating the issue is the need to prove the president has committed a crime or violated a law that would be considered an impeachable offense.

3. There are also political ramifications to legally attempting to disqualify a president, which could lead to further division in an already polarized nation.