‘Pharmageddon’ could close pharmacies as protest spreads

The growing popularity of ‘Pharmageddon’ protests is leading to fears that independent pharmacies across the UK will be forced to close as a result of government policies.

These protests occur when customers of independent pharmacies come out to protest against the government’s decision to cap prices of certain prescription drugs, placing a much higher burden of cost onto the pharmacies.

The National Pharmacy Association (NPA) launched a new scheme to help independent pharmacies survive during the coronavirus pandemic, citing that over the past three years, 1,739 independent pharmacies have already closed due to government policies.

A new petition has been created in a bid to save these pharmacies and protect patients’ access to their medicines.

The petition states, “Independent pharmacies are a vital part of our local communities and an important source of healthcare and medicines for many people. We must protect and support them.”

It is hoped that with enough support, the government will reverse their decision to impose price caps, allowing independent pharmacies to remain open and protect patients’ access to their medicines.