DOJ tax official says Weiss needed approval from his division before bringing Hunter Biden charges: Transcript

A Justice Department tax official told Congress last month that senior IRS criminal tax investigator John Francis Weiss needed approval from his division before bringing any potential criminal charges against Hunter Biden.

The testimony came during a closed-door congressional hearing held on March 2 or 3 with Steven LaBerge, special counsel for tax investigations at the Justice Department.

According to a transcript of the hearing obtained by POLITICO, LaBerge was asked if Weiss needed approval from the IRS’ Political Activity Compliance Initiative — the unit that tracks potential illegal activity related to election campaigns or public office — in order to bring charges against Hunter Biden.

LaBerge said yes.

“Usually, what our advice is, is that in an investigation like this, yes, we do believe it would be appropriate to seek the concurrence of the PACE Initiative before proceeding and making any sort of allegation of criminal conduct,” LaBerge said.