300 miles of Hamas subterranean terror tunnels the next big challenge for IDF: ‘Gaza metro’

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is facing a new challenge in the wake of its successful mission to expose and destroy the Hamas subterranean terror tunnels in the Gaza Strip.

This new challenge is dubbed the “Gaza Metro” and involves developing accurate intelligence to locate and map out the many tunnels and subterranean passageways used by Hamas to move weapons, personnel, and other assets.

In order to combat such a threat, the IDF must deploy specialized troops on the ground to use specialized listening devices and advanced imaging technology to map out the subterranean tunnel network.

Such a venture would be a monumental task and cost the IDF significant amounts of time and resources, but it is sad to say, a necessary one in order to keep the citizens of Israel safe from terrorist activity.

In addition to mapping out these subterranean tunnels, the IDF must also implement new defense strategies to ensure the safety of the population, such as conducting regular searches for suspicious drilling activities, enforcing regulations to maintain the integrity of the region’s underground infrastructure, and most importantly, holding those accountable who use the subterranean tunnels for malicious activities.

Given the current threat posed to Israel, it is clear that the IDF will have to employ its smartest minds in order to best address the Gaza Metro.