Democrats quickly seek to make Speaker Johnson a boogeyman

Democrats are already seeking to make new House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) a boogeyman after his election by a near party-line vote last week. Given his long history of supporting President Trump’s agenda, McCarthy’s election as Speaker of the House has caused concern among Democrats that he will attempt to roll back progressive initiatives.

As such, Democrats are attempting to portray McCarthy in a negative light and make him into a boogeyman of sorts. They have gone so far as to accuse him of trying to abuse his power to protect President Trump, and even of being a puppet of the White House. Democrats have also been highlighting his past statements, trying to associate him with the controversial actions taken by President Trump in recent months.

Ultimately, Democrats are hoping that by trying to paint a negative portrait of McCarthy, they will be able to prevent or slow down any potential Republican-led policy changes going forward.