Israel is at war with Hamas. Here’s what to know

 Israel is at war with Hamas. Here’s what to know

about the recent escalation

1. In recent weeks, tensions between Israel and Hamas have increased significantly, culminating in a series of violent exchanges and airstrikes that began on May 10.

2. The violence sparked after weeks of tension over a court case involving the potential eviction of several Palestinian families from East Jerusalem.

3. Since then, the Israeli military has targeted Hamas with air strikes, and the militant group has fired a barrage of rockets into Israel, including civilian sites like the Ben-Gurion airport near Tel Aviv.

4. On May 13, the Israeli government authorized the calling up of 9,000 reservists, in the largest mobilization of military forces since the 2014 conflict with Gaza.

5. In response, Hamas and other Palestinian militant factions have vowed to intensify their attacks.

6. This is the most serious crisis between the two sides since a 2014 conflict over the same issue. Both sides have called for a de-escalation of the situation, but it is uncertain if this will happen.

7. Both sides have accused each other of initiating hostilities and targeting civilians, and the UN Security Council has urged them to commit to a ceasefire.

8. The international community has a role in promoting peace. The US, UN, and regional parties such as Egypt have called for an immediate halt to the violence.