Jewish Florida lawmaker breaks from DeSantis and endorses Trump

 Jewish Florida lawmaker breaks from DeSantis and endorses Trump

challenger Sanders

Republican Florida State Rep. Anthony Sabatini, a staunch ally of President Donald Trump, announced Monday he is endorsing Bernie Sanders for president.

Sabatini, who is Jewish, wrote in a Facebook post that “Bernie Sanders is OUR ONLY chance…at defeating Trump.” He said Sanders was the only candidate in the Democratic field “who can bring together disaffected Trump voters and Democrats.”

He warned that the Democratic Party “canNOT rely on the Republican establishment to elect a Democrat.”

Sabatini, a major Trump supporter, is the only Republican lawmaker in Florida to endorse Sanders. He has praised Trump for his strong pro-Israel stance, touting his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital as a major accomplishment.

But he appears to be breaking with the president on the 2020 election, saying Sanders is the only candidate who can heal the various political divides of the nation.

“I refuse to continue along the two-party path that is slowly destroying our nation. Citizens have to find common ground and voters will never find it as long as the two parties continue to further polarize,” wrote Sabatini.