Big cities, well-known universities, roaring economy and growth potential, is this the image of little Malaysia? Yes, Malaysia is today becoming a major place of interests for global students. With a diverse population and excellent educational prospects, students from all over the world are seeking to pursue their dreams here.

First of all, Malaysia has some amazing universities as many as 3 of them have achieved the rank of ‘world renowned universities’. Namely, these universities are University of Malaya, Universiti Putra Malaysia and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Besides, these universities and universities in Malaysia offer several quality and affordable degree programs. With several top-notch institutions providing comprehensive teaching strategies, Malaysian universities are deemed some of the best universities in the region.

Since, higher education in Malaysia has global recognition, it opens the door for students wishing to study abroad and obtain a foreign degree. Most of the students accepted at Malaysian universities are usually pursuing higher degrees such as Masters or PhD. Additionally, several Mixed Diploma Programs have been initiated which involve both part-time Malaysian and foreign students.

Moreover, Malaysia is a culturally diverse and modern society. With rich culture and a variety of races, this country also impresses with its strong economy and vibrant growth potential.

With an affordable cost of living, a conducive environment for students and bright prospects, Malaysia proves to be a highly sought after destination for students from all walks of life. With everything that this country has to offer – internationally recognized degrees, a culturally rich atmosphere and a well-developed economy – one must say that Malaysia’s higher education system is definitely an attractive platform for aspiring global students.