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By the mid-1990s, virtually all of the major cities and states had their own sites, often linking city-specific sites to each other and to state sites.

By the end of 2000, a vast majority of the states had signed up with America Online’s network of portals to government.

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Enterprise clients manage large numbers of payment accounts, requiring back-end systems that keep track of information such as merchant IDs, payment solutions and reporting.However, this egalitarianism was not reflected in the relations among various national governments and their citizens.The use of electronics and the internet to speed the flow of information between the citizens and the governments had some advantages over print media, but there were some drawbacks.Nor does any company take responsibility for a bad product or inaccurate information that citizens might encounter when dealing with government information.Government sites during the late 1990s tended to reflect a strong influence from the business sector, where providing information and marketing products had become well-integrated.