FTX Advisors Investigate Recovery of Pre-Collapse Payments to Shaq, Naomi Osaka, and More

 FTX Advisors Investigate Recovery of Pre-Collapse Payments to Shaq, Naomi Osaka, and More

FTX Advisors is currently investigating a potential recovery of pre-collapse payments made to former NBA star, Shaquille O’Neal, tennis champion, Naomi Osaka, and dozens of other notable public and individual figures. The potential recovery stems from the recent financial collapse of a group of entities associated with the former CEO of FTX Management, Rafiu Ladipo.

FTX Management was founded by Ladipo in 2017 and grew rapidly in the following years. The company had originally been involved in the management and administration of foreign exchange transactions. It later turned its attention to cryptocurrency and blockchain-based products and services.

Unfortunately, the company’s expansion proved to be too rapid and unsustainable. In August 2020, Ladipo resigned from his position as CEO, citing health-related reasons. Shortly thereafter, all FTX-associated funds were frozen, leaving an estimated $150 million in lost funds in its wake and dozens of high-profile creditors—including Shaq and Osaka—owed money.

FTX Advisors was subsequently retained by the new FTX Management leadership to investigate the extent of the losses and undertake efforts to recover funds on behalf of victims. FTX Advisors has a long history of identifying and recovering stolen funds from complex financial transactions and believes that a number of high-profile creditors can be repaid a substantial portion of the money they are owed.

FTX Advisors is now offering to counsel potential creditors who believe that they may be entitled to some of the lost funds. Potential creditors should contact FTX Advisors directly to discuss their individual circumstances and the potential recovery of their lost funds. The advisors believe that documentation of the prospective creditors’ relationship with the former CEO and his associated entities should be gathered for analysis.

FTX Advisors is committed to doing everything in its power to recover the funds that victims have lost and to help them reclaim their rightful financial entitlements.