Families of Israeli hostages march towards Jerusalem demanding action from government

On August 6, 2020, hundreds of people marched towards Jerusalem from the towns of Beit Shemesh and Modi’in to demand action from the government in rescuing Israeli citizens held captive in Gaza, Sinai, and Syria. The march began at 8:00 a.m. and included the families of the Israeli hostages, local politicians, and several security forces.

The march was organized by the group “Bring Back Our Boys” which was formed in 2015 to advocate for the release of the Israeli hostages. During the march, which was intended to draw attention to the plight of the hostages, participants held up signs reading “Free the prisoners” and “We want our boys back.”

At the conclusion of the march, some speakers said they had felt “like everyone behind us” was a giant hug and that they had been touched by all the support they’d received. They also thanked the Prime Minister’s Office for allowing them to march despite the current coronavirus restrictions.

The march highlighted the plight of four Israeli citizens: Hadar Goldin and Avera Mengistu, held by Hamas in Gaza, and Oron Shaul and Juma Abu Ghanima, held by Hamas in Sinai. The Israeli government has made attempts to free the hostages in the past, but has been unsuccessful in doing so. The families of the hostages hope that the march will compel the Israeli government to take action to free their loved ones.