Worldcoin Foundation Launches $5 Million Community Grants Program’ Wave0′

The Worldcoin Foundation has launched a new program named ‘Wave0′. This new grants program will aim to distribute $5 million USD worth of Worldcoin over the next 6 months in order to support projects that will help advance and strengthen the Worldcoin network. Wave0 is the first grants program ever launched in the cryptocurrency space which focuses on incentivizing, motivating and rewarding creativity surrounding the use and development of Worldcoin.

In order to be eligible for Wave0 funding, projects must further the Worldcoin mission of bringing next-generation financial freedom by introducing blockchain technology to new audiences and users. Projects may include but are not limited to: educational initiatives, marketing campaigns, software projects, legal and regulatory initiatives, already-existing commercial ventures, and other initiatives involving Worldcoin.

The Worldcoin Foundation will allocate $5 million USD total into the Wave0 grants program. $2.5 million USD will be set aside for ‘Kickstarter-style’ grants to jumpstart projects and get them off the ground. The other $2.5 million will be allocated to larger grant initiatives that have already achieved success. All projects that receive funding through the Wave0 Grants Program will receive ongoing support from the Worldcoin Foundation, as well as guidance and mentorship.

The Worldcoin Foundation is excited to launch this initiative and seeks to further diversify and strengthen its global community of users. To learn more about the Wave0 program and access the application page, please visit the Worldcoin Foundation’s website.