Oversight Committee targets Buttigieg for ‘disturbing pattern’ of travel ‘safety failures’

 Oversight Committee targets Buttigieg for ‘disturbing pattern’ of travel ‘safety failures’

The Documentary Filmmakers’ Association’s Oversight Committee is calling out former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg for his “disturbing pattern of travel safety failures” while in office.

The committee has analyzed the travel practices of Buttigieg’s administration, and in a statement revealed their findings, which include multiple cases of Buttigieg’s “careless disregard” for safety protocols.

Specific issues the committee highlighted include multiple instances where Buttigieg failed to properly certify drivers of campaign-funded vehicles, along with inadequate oversight of these drivers. The Oversight Committee also noted Buttigieg’s failure to properly monitor camp trailers used for travel and the “lack of meaningful policies” to ensure the safe transport of goods and services while traveling.

The DFA is now urging candidates to learn from Buttigieg’s failures and to prioritize safety when preparing for travel. The DFA is also recommending that candidates promote travel safety policies and ongoing safety training for staff and volunteers while on the road.

The Oversight Committee’s sharp criticism of Buttigieg sends a powerful message and underscores the importance of ensuring travel safety on the campaign trail. Failure to do so can have serious consequences, underscoring the need for candidates to take the necessary safety precautions to keep travelers safe.