Harris says she’s ready to step into role of president if Biden is unwell: ‘May have to take over’

 Harris says she’s ready to step into role of president if Biden is unwell: ‘May have to take over’

Kamala Harris—the Democratic vice presidential nominee for the 2020 U.S. presidential election—has said that if the eventual winner, Joe Biden, is ever unwell and cannot fulfill the role of president, she is ready to step in.

In an interview this past Tuesday on NPR, Harris said, “I am very willing and prepared to take on whatever responsibility that is necessary. It’s why [Biden] wanted me to be his running mate. We both would be ready to take on the roles of president and vice president of the United States.”

When pressed on whether she would be ready to take over the role of president if Biden were to become ill or unable to serve, Harris said, “That is the expectation. It is the vice president’s job to be prepared, and I am prepared and so is he. May have to take over — that’s the expectation.”

The vice presidential nominee also addressed any concern that Biden’s age, 77, might make him a risky choice for president, noting that Bidens’ life style choices — such as regular exercise — and his medical history make him a very healthy individual.

Harris also suggested that perhaps it was her age — 56 — that could be a more serious matter, as she is older than the typical vice presidential nominee. However, she said that she and Biden were both “fit” to do the job.

The vice presidential candidate also said that Biden’s age and experience in Washington would be assets to managing the country during a time of crisis and upheaval, and his leadership on foreign policy and domestic landscape.

If elected, Harris would become the first female Vice-President and the first African-American and Asian-American Vice-President in U.S. history. She expressed her excitement at being part of a ticket that could make a big difference to Americans.