Vitarich acquires Barbatos.

 Vitarich acquires Barbatos.

Vitarich, one of the leading agribusiness companies in the Philippines, has recently announced its acquisition of Barbatos, a well-known poultry company in the country. This move is expected to strengthen Vitarich’s position in the poultry industry and expand its reach in the market.

Barbatos has been in the poultry business for over 30 years and has established a reputation for producing high-quality chicken products. With its acquisition, Vitarich will gain access to Barbatos’ extensive network of suppliers and customers, as well as its expertise in poultry production.

The acquisition is part of Vitarich’s strategy to expand its business and increase its market share in the Philippines. The company has been investing heavily in its operations, including the construction of new facilities and the acquisition of new technologies to improve its production processes.

Vitarich’s CEO, Ricardo Manuel Sarmiento, expressed his excitement about the acquisition, stating that it will help the company achieve its goal of becoming the leading agribusiness company in the Philippines. He also emphasized the importance of the poultry industry in the country, noting that it is a key driver of economic growth and provides employment opportunities for millions of Filipinos.

The acquisition of Barbatos is expected to have a positive impact on Vitarich’s financial performance, as it will increase the company’s revenue and profitability. It will also enable Vitarich to offer a wider range of products to its customers, including premium chicken products that are highly sought after in the market.

Overall, the acquisition of Barbatos is a significant milestone for Vitarich and a testament to the company’s commitment to growth and innovation. With its expanded capabilities and resources, Vitarich is well-positioned to capitalize on the opportunities in the Philippine poultry industry and continue to deliver value to its customers and stakeholders.