Sinovac booster delay boosts protection – study

 Sinovac booster delay boosts protection – study

A recent study has found that delaying the Sinovac booster shot can actually boost protection against COVID-19. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Hong Kong, found that delaying the booster shot by six months or more can increase the level of antibodies in the body, providing better protection against the virus.

The Sinovac vaccine, also known as CoronaVac, is a two-dose vaccine that has been widely used in many countries, including China, Indonesia, and Brazil. However, concerns have been raised about the vaccine’s efficacy against new variants of the virus, as well as the need for booster shots to maintain protection over time.

The study involved 1,000 healthcare workers in Hong Kong who had received the Sinovac vaccine. The researchers measured the level of antibodies in their blood before and after receiving the booster shot. They found that those who received the booster shot six months or more after the second dose had a significantly higher level of antibodies than those who received the booster shot earlier.

The researchers believe that delaying the booster shot allows the body to build up a stronger immune response to the vaccine. This is because the body has more time to produce memory cells, which can recognize and fight off the virus if it is encountered again in the future.

The findings of the study have important implications for the rollout of the Sinovac vaccine, particularly in countries where there is a shortage of vaccine doses. Delaying the booster shot could help to stretch the limited supply of vaccines, while also providing better protection to those who have already received the vaccine.

However, it is important to note that the study only looked at the Sinovac vaccine and may not apply to other COVID-19 vaccines. Further research is needed to determine whether delaying the booster shot is effective for other vaccines as well.

In conclusion, the study provides encouraging news for those who have received the Sinovac vaccine. Delaying the booster shot can boost protection against COVID-19, providing a longer-lasting immune response. This could be particularly important in countries where vaccine supply is limited, as it could help to provide better protection to more people.