Russia supplies missiles to India despite US sanctions risk.

 Russia supplies missiles to India despite US sanctions risk.

Russia has supplied India with a batch of missiles, despite the risk of US sanctions. The move highlights the strong relationship between the two countries, which has been growing in recent years.

The missiles in question are the S-400 air defense system, which is considered one of the most advanced in the world. India has been seeking to acquire the system for some time, and Russia has been more than willing to oblige.

The US has been warning India against purchasing the S-400 system, as it could trigger sanctions under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA). The act was passed in 2017 and is aimed at punishing countries that do business with Russia, Iran, and North Korea.

Despite the warnings, India has gone ahead with the purchase, and Russia has delivered the first batch of missiles. The move is seen as a clear indication of India’s desire to maintain its strategic relationship with Russia, despite pressure from the US.

India and Russia have a long history of cooperation, dating back to the Soviet era. The two countries have maintained close ties in the areas of defense, energy, and trade. In recent years, the relationship has grown stronger, with India becoming one of Russia’s key partners in the Asia-Pacific region.

The S-400 deal is just one example of the growing cooperation between the two countries. India has also signed agreements with Russia for the joint production of military equipment, including fighter jets and submarines.

The US has been trying to woo India away from Russia, offering lucrative defense deals and other incentives. However, India has been cautious in its approach, seeking to maintain a balance between its relationship with Russia and its ties with the US.

The S-400 deal is likely to test the limits of India’s relationship with the US. The US has already imposed sanctions on Turkey for purchasing the same system, and it remains to be seen whether India will face similar consequences.

Despite the risks, India seems determined to go ahead with the S-400 deal. The country sees the system as a crucial component of its defense strategy, given the growing threat from China and Pakistan.

In conclusion, the S-400 deal between Russia and India highlights the strong relationship between the two countries, and the growing importance of India as a strategic partner for Russia. The move also underscores the challenges faced by India in balancing its relationship with Russia and the US, and the risks involved in doing business with countries that are subject to US sanctions.