Pro-Beijing sweep in ‘patriots’-only HK vote with low turnout.

 Pro-Beijing sweep in ‘patriots’-only HK vote with low turnout.

On Sunday, Hong Kong held its first election since the implementation of the controversial national security law. The election was for the city’s Election Committee, which is responsible for selecting the city’s leader and some of its lawmakers. However, this time, the election was only open to “patriots,” a term that has been used by the Chinese government to describe those who support the Communist Party.

The election saw a low turnout, with only 7.5% of the city’s eligible voters casting their ballots. Despite the low turnout, the pro-Beijing camp swept the election, winning all 40 of the seats that were up for grabs.

The result of the election is not surprising, given that the candidates were handpicked by the Chinese government and only those who were deemed “patriotic” were allowed to run. The election was seen as a way for the Chinese government to further tighten its grip on Hong Kong and ensure that only those who are loyal to Beijing are in positions of power.

The low turnout is a clear indication of the lack of trust and confidence that the people of Hong Kong have in their government. Many Hong Kongers feel that their voices are not being heard and that their rights and freedoms are being eroded by the Chinese government.

The national security law, which was imposed on Hong Kong last year, has been widely criticized for its draconian measures, which include criminalizing acts of secession, subversion, terrorism, and collusion with foreign forces. The law has been used to crack down on pro-democracy activists and silence dissenting voices.

The pro-Beijing camp’s victory in the Election Committee election is a clear indication that the Chinese government is determined to maintain its control over Hong Kong. However, it is important to note that the election was not a true reflection of the will of the people, given the limited pool of candidates and the low turnout.

The people of Hong Kong deserve to have a say in their government and to have their rights and freedoms protected. It is up to the international community to continue to speak out against the Chinese government’s actions in Hong Kong and to support the people of Hong Kong in their fight for democracy and freedom.