[NFT Rush] B-SIDE Podcast

 [NFT Rush] B-SIDE Podcast

The world of NFTs is rapidly expanding, and with it comes a plethora of new opportunities for artists, collectors, and investors alike. One of the latest additions to the NFT scene is the B-SIDE Podcast, a platform that aims to explore the intersection of music and blockchain technology.

Hosted by music industry veterans Matty Beats and DJ J-Scrilla, the B-SIDE Podcast features interviews with musicians, producers, and other industry professionals who are exploring the potential of NFTs. The podcast also delves into the technical aspects of NFTs, providing listeners with a deeper understanding of how these digital assets work.

One of the key themes of the B-SIDE Podcast is the idea of ownership. As Matty Beats explains, “NFTs are all about ownership. They allow artists to take control of their work and monetize it in new and exciting ways.” This is particularly relevant in the music industry, where artists have traditionally struggled to earn a fair share of the revenue generated by their music.

By using NFTs, musicians can sell their music directly to fans, cutting out the middlemen and earning a larger share of the profits. This is a game-changer for independent artists, who can now reach a global audience without the need for a record label or distribution deal.

The B-SIDE Podcast also explores the potential of NFTs for collectors and investors. As DJ J-Scrilla notes, “NFTs are a new asset class, and they’re attracting a lot of attention from investors who are looking for new opportunities.” With the rise of NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Nifty Gateway, collectors can now buy and sell digital art and music in the same way they would physical assets.

Overall, the B-SIDE Podcast is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the intersection of music and blockchain technology. Whether you’re a musician looking to monetize your work, a collector looking for new investment opportunities, or simply curious about the world of NFTs, this podcast is definitely worth a listen. So tune in, and join the NFT rush!