N. Macedonia PM offers €500k for Portugal upset.

 N. Macedonia PM offers €500k for Portugal upset.

North Macedonia’s Prime Minister, Zoran Zaev, has offered a €500,000 reward to his country’s national football team if they can pull off an upset victory against Portugal in their upcoming World Cup qualifier.

The Macedonian team is set to face off against Portugal on September 7th, and while they are considered underdogs, Zaev is confident that they can cause an upset.

Speaking to reporters, Zaev said, “I believe in our team, and I know that they have the talent and the determination to beat Portugal. If they can do it, I will personally offer them a reward of €500,000.”

The offer has been met with mixed reactions from the public, with some praising Zaev for his support of the national team, while others have criticized the move as a waste of taxpayer money.

However, Zaev has defended his decision, stating that the reward would be funded by private donations and not by the government.

“Our national team represents our country on the world stage, and their success is our success. If they can beat Portugal, it will be a historic moment for North Macedonia, and I believe that it is worth celebrating,” he said.

The Macedonian team has never qualified for a major international tournament, and a victory against Portugal would be a significant step towards achieving that goal.

While the odds may be against them, the team will undoubtedly be motivated by the promise of a substantial reward and the support of their Prime Minister.

Only time will tell if they can pull off the upset, but one thing is for sure – the eyes of the world will be on North Macedonia on September 7th.